Wallpaper fashion for children from Holland & Germany!

From the beginning, wallpaper is one of our favorite children’s fashion brands. Wist ye actually already the wallpaper comes from Holland and would be founded by a German graphic designer? Time for a nice conversation with Judith Vulkers, a German in Amsterdam…

Dear Judith, what does wallpaper?

Wallpaper designs expressive t-shirts with graphic prints, for love, cool, gentle and mischievous kids, just all the different types available. So for each character, there is a matching outfit, of loving and streichelbar in the animal motifs in flock print up to cool and expressive in eg Neon colors.

Important and decisive in the creation of our motives, it is the appeal to the prints children, the spring of life and the game world and invite them to identify and match. We ensure good quality with organic cotton and an easy and comfortable fit. Wallpaper is for color contrasts simplicity and expressivity and can be combined with all sorts of styles, a playful splash of color in your wardrobe.

How did you come up with the idea to start a children’s fashion label?

As a graphic designer I have directed me after the birth of our first child on illustrations to design with the actual plan a children’s book with simple animal graphics for children. From this, a beautiful series Animals has arisen that have landed for fun, personal use and as gifts on t- shirts. That this so well-received by children and parents took us from the idea to the idea to build a T- shirt label.