Wallpaper fashion for children from Holland & Germany!

How would you describe Dutch children’s fashion?

The Dutch children’s fashion has many faces. Dutch are generally not too careful dress expressive and colorful, it shows in the children. This is especially made ​​sure that the movement of children is not restricted. Children clothing must be playful and above all comfortable, so that you can play good at it. In the styles you see come by everything from cool, stylish and sporty to funky and detailed.

What are the differences between German and Dutch children’s fashion?

In general, I would say that the German children’s fashion is something classic and restrained. For this, the products are very well thought out and the quality is always at the forefront. But even here one might colorful children’s clothing and children must still be real a child and also dress it up!

How is wallpaper evolve?

We are going to design a small series wallpaper bed Textile & Badtextil. Wallpaper has evolved over the years so many motives that creates a nice base to draw water therefrom and to increase the wallpaper world. The t-shirt collection is in development and will be expanded by more choices in background colors per design. We ‘re of course always to supplement the search for new models and base items to the collection.